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Happy Patients

03/09/2014 by LidiaE.

Hi there, I started going to The Family Chiropractor in East Grinstead about a year ago and I have to admit it was the best decision I've ever made when it comes to my health. I've suffered for years with middle back pain and nothing would relieve it. I tried osteopaths, acupuncturists and loads of pain relief pills but none of these would really make a difference. Finally I found Teresa and she explained to me that I have a curved spine that has been with me since my childhood. I am a new mum and I couldn't even pick up my own baby. I've started treatment and now, one year later, I can enjoy life much more than before. I can pick up things, I have more mobility, more energy…I feel like a new person. I'm still a work in progress, but at least I'm on the way to getting better. I recommend The Family Chiropractor to anyone who suffers and wants to lead a healthier and more balanced life.

Chiropractors that relieve pain!
03/09/2014 by Jennie7645

I started coming to Family Chiropractic about 18 months ago with immense pain in my shoulder and elbow due to a car crash several years previously. Through sessions with Teresa and Johnny the pain in my arm has decreased greatly and I am able to use it again properly. I also have problematic knees and was considering surgery when Teresa started working on them as well and they also feel much better. I have also found that I have substantially less headaches (which I'm told were connected to my neck) since starting my sessions here. Overall, my whole body feels much better and more relaxed and I would highly recommend this clinic and its fantastic chiropractors to anyone considering going down the chiropractic route.

Outstanding Chiropractic Treatment

09/09/2014 by Scozza
I initially went to see Teresa at East Grinstead Family Chiropractic after being recommended by my father-in-law due to ongoing back pain. I was diagnosed with two slipped discs in the lower spine. I was concerned that I would require surgery. Teresa put a plan in place to help me and I can honestly say that I have been blown away by the results. I must admit I was a bit sceptical about chiropractic, but after a handful of treatments I noticed an unbelievable improvement. If you have health problems, especially in relation to your back, I can't recommend Teresa and her team highly enough.
Great chiropractors!

02/09/2014 by Jason_
I had been putting up with a long term lower back injury for a number of years before I visited Family Chiropractic. Having visited other chiropractors in the past I was only expecting some short term relief. After an initial examination and x-rays (something I'd not had at other chiropractors before), Teresa talked me through my issues and the plan for my treatment. After an initial period of intensive treatment I felt a big improvement in both my range of mobility and reduction in the aches and pains. A follow up assessment showed that things were indeed improving. I am still on the road to recovery, but the results from Family Chiropractic have been longer lasting and a lot more effective than I've experienced before. Over my time of visiting I have had treatment from all the chiropractors at the clinic, and found everyone to be friendly, caring and knowledgeable and Peter does a great job of keeping everyone and everything organised!

Angela W. 15/09/2014

I am a 67 year old female who despite having been fairly active throughout my life, swimming, aerobics, yoga, pilates, keep fit, etc. I have had back problems with spinal curvature (perhaps due to the odd fall downstairs or maybe historic from childhood), also knee problems with Bakers cysts behind both knees and thumb joints which I put down to my years of hammering as a silversmith and jeweller.

When I suffered from an attack of sciatica after a fall I went to a local McTimoney chiropractor who certainly helped me to recover from that episode but despite regular visits seemed unable treat the chronic back problems etc. I was due to have surgery on my left knee 4 years ago but I cancelled the appointment as I would have been sitting on an aircraft 24 hours to New Zealand just 5 weeks after the operation.

I was recommended to see Teresa White at Family Chiropractic approximately 3 years ago and after X-rays were taken and evaluated she started to treat me. I rarely have any back or knee pain and my thumbs are much improved. So although I have to drive an hour each way to see her the results have been well worth the time and effort involved.

Family Chiropractic East Grinstead

01/09/2014 by Liz500

My friendly chiropractor Johnny Phoenix has helped me a lot with pain across the shoulders and also helping with leg pain which I now hardly ever have a problem with. The Family Chiropractic Clinic are friendly people.

Great chiropractors in East Grinstead

31/08/2014 by TlSurtees
Professional, family friendly chiropractors, clean and tidy, and easy, free parking. Very busy, although I have always felt they really are dedicated to my individual needs . Sorted my headaches and back pain and helping to maintain my arthritic pains in my knees. Will continue to use regularly as a maintenance plan. Great also that they are local to me, but definitely worth traveling to if not so close. Now I can exercise again!

29/08/2014 by kevforde
10 years ago I ruptured my Achilles playing squash and after that didn't do any meaningful exercise for over 5 years. When I joined a bootcamp class I found I couldn't do many of the exercises due to knee pain. I was offered the chance to visit Family Chiropractic and what a good decision. I can now do most of the activities without discomfort and my Achilles doesn't bother me much any more. I have regular treatments to keep everything loose and would recommend the practice to everyone who has joint or back issues.


03/08/2014 by Chuckles1
I have been a regular patient at Family Chiropractic Sussex for 3 years. I was diagnosed with Scoliosis, which has caused me pain and mobility issues, and because of this I left a previous job. Now 3 years later I am pain free, mobile and have just started a new job. I have been treated by Teresa and Johnny, and have found them both to be professional, caring, empathetic and very friendly and helpful . I would highly recommend their treatment to all people who suffer with regular pain.

Janet N.

I was losing feeling in my hand and had terrible aches and pains in my upper arm. After a few x-rays and nerve tests Teresa was able to sort the problem. I started seeing Teresa over 15 months ago, she has restored my general health and I no longer have pins and needles in my hands and look forward to seeing her once a week to keep my health in good order. I travel over an hour each time to visit Teresa and I can't sing her praises enough.

Rachel B.
September 2014 - Five stars.

Having been a runner for years, I had started experiencing lower back pain and pain through my thighs. After a gardening session in June however I was unable to stand upright. I went to my GP and was prescribed pain relief and Diazepam, but nothing seemed to correct my posture. I saw Family Chiropractic at a show in Ardingly and my husband suggested I had a free back check. It was obvious I needed help as I appeared to be twisted and my shoulders were at different heights. I met Deborah and after a thorough exam and x-rays she has worked wonders with my back and leg pain. I can "jump" out of bed rather than roll out and gradually stand upright, no pain in my legs or back and I am back running pain free. I have a regular maintenance session with Deborah and have even recommended her to my dad who has had a bad back for 10 years + but after 5 sessions is already showing great improvement. I must say I was bit of a sceptic before but now I would recommend to anyone. THANKS Deborah!

Yvette H.
September 2014 - Five stars

I came to Family Chiropractic 2 years ago. Bent and in constant pain everywhere in my body. One shoulder 2" higher than the other, and often suffered crippling migraine headaches - a complete wreck. My back pain has decreased to the odd twinge when tired, my frozen shoulder is now mobile and just today I have been able to walk without the burning pain of tendonitis in my knee. Rare to have a headache now, too. I am 66 years old. A senior nurse, working almost full time and I play in a band. I travel 30 miles every week for my treatments and only miss when away on holiday. I would have to have given up work by now, had it not been for Family Chiropractic. Thank you, Thank you. You have given me back my mobility.

Andrew C.
September 2014 - Five stars

A year ago I injured my back in a couple of mountain bike falls... I ended up being taken to hospital by ambulance twice from home as I couldn't move, and barely able to walk and in great pain generally. The hospital did nothing but give me strong pain killers which was pointless apart from the momentary pain relief. The immediate treatment relieved the issue greatly and improved my mobility quite quickly. After that it was a process of gradual improvement through regular visits 2-3 times a week to keep improving the mobility and sorting out the pain.

As a result I was able to go racing my historic race cars this summer which for a while I thought I would never do again.I am now 100% better and continuing to get regular treatment to improve above where I was before the injury, as I have had long term back problems due to past serious injuries.

This weekend I moved probably 1 ton of car parts and wheels and tyres, jumped in and out of cars and drove 22 hours to Scotland and back without any slightest back problem, I realised afterwards.

Deborah B.

I have been receiving care from the Family Chiropractic team for a while now and I have been delighted with the treatment I have received. I first sought help for what was presenting as severe shooting pains in my feet (the worst) which made me wince every time I took a step and other discomfort in neck, back and hips. A thorough exam and x-rays revealed problems with my spinal curvature of which I had been unaware and which were the root cause of all the above. The worst of my pain was soon banished and regular treatment over the last two years has changed my life and given me renewed energy. The friendly, personal approach of the team is also very appreciated. I would recommend Family Chiropractic to anyone.

Wayne F.

September 2014 - 5 stars.

I went to see my GP with a bad back, so bad I could barely walk. My GP/Doctor couldn't help, the best they could do was put me on the waiting list for an operation, which is only successful 50% of the time. So I decided to go to a chiropractor and it was a life changing decision, I now enjoy a healthy back that allows me to lead a normal life including playing football again!

I recommend Teresa and her clinic highly!

Gareth R.
September 2014 - 5 stars

Absolutely marvellous - both Teresa and Johnny are very understanding in their own different ways of what goes wrong with the body and have vastly improved my condition - from being close to considering a walking stick to going back to carrying weights and walking lengthy distances again! :)

I highly recommend giving them a try!

Katie C.
September 2014 -5 stars

I am 13 years old and I discovered Teresa nearly a year ago. I was struggling to sleep and at times it was very painful to walk due to my back pain. My mum had suggested that we go to the Chiropractor and see what was wrong. After an assessment, x-rays and a spinal nerve test, the team at Family Chiropractic had found out my problem. Whenever I go to the Chiropractor they always make my back feel better and they know exactly what to do. Initially I went three times a week, I now go once every three weeks and my back feels much better! Hopefully I will be on a maintenance program soon :)

Julia P.
August 2014 - 5 stars

I Discovered Teresa White and her clinic a few years ago when I lived in Sussex. One of my early experiences was coming to Teresa after a nasty accident that had dislocated an area in my spine. Teresa had the courage to adjust those bones back to their rightful places, which sped up the healing process in my spine enormously! The body started feeling notably on the road to recovery after just one visit!

I later moved to London and I have tried to find a chiropractor closer to home for me BUT I tried four of them and they were a long way from the quality and effectiveness of the service I had at Family Chiropractic, which has expanded and now my Chiropractor is Johnny Phoenix - another super awesome Chiropractor!

The difference between this clinic and the others I had tried was that these chiropractors listened, physically assessed and then started off by correcting the very bones that were out, in that first visit. I felt great relief even just after that visit. In the other clinics in London I had the very frustrating experience of the Chiropractors avoiding the direct adjustment of the dislocated bones and they would adjust around or about and leave me still living with the jammed up problem area. They would eventually get to it after some visits and by then some other bones had gone out because the first problem had started creating other problem areas!! I was shocked that they would be so indirect and slow to address it and it honestly felt like I was being strung along just so as to keep me coming back as a paying customer! I ended up back at the Family Chiropractic Sussex to get properly sorted each time! The funny thing was that I would do several visits at this clinic as well - for a completely different reason: the bones had been put back in place but they needed some maintenance until the muscles were back to holding them securely in the right locations. So I wasn't having to return to get the bones unstuck, I was returning to maintain and continue with the healing process! That was a much more positive experience.

I therefore can highly recommend Teresa and Johnny as top rate chiropractors who care and deliver effectively to their clients! The front of house staff are also awesome and it would not surprise me if this clinic rated as the best chiropractic clinic in the UK! They have been consistently effective with me. They are worth my travel from London. I have only good words for them!


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  • "The friendly atmosphere of the clinic and the supportive advice I have been receiving from Teresa have helped through this rough period and I wholeheartedly recommend Teresa to all who need any spinal or bone and muscular treatment."